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My Cup of Tea looks to help women in Orange Mound community thrive

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In the heart of Orange Mound, a tea company is helping women thrive.

Most of the women who work at My Cup of Tea were hanging on by a thread. The company’s purpose is to change lives by giving them jobs and friendships all while selling tea.

“Its not just good tea. It’s good tea with a purpose,” explained founder Carey Moore.

She and her husband Rick Moore are purpose driven. They saw the emotional, geographical and cultural breach in Memphis.

“And I needed to be part of the solution,” she said.

The house is a resource center for employees who work for My Cup of Tea. The ladies go through a three month vocational training program which includes computer literacy and financial planning.

“Our desire is to employ them, stabilize them and launch them,” said Carey Moore.

Five years ago that is exactly what Bretta Calhoun was in search of. She was fighting her way out of poverty.

“I went down a course that wasn’t good for me,” she said. “I come here and I find sisterhood and have found friendship with women who have stories similar to my own.”

My Cup of Tea loves all their employees despite chips and flaws, which is why our anonymous donor wanted to give My Cup of Tea $1,000.

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