Every Tuesday, as part of our Community Changers series, we highlight organizations making memphis better. This week, we sat down with a group that believes every expectant mom in need should be surrounded by love and support no matter their income.

Sachmere Bougard was just a teenager when she realized she was expecting.

“It was draining. It was really drained my spirit when I found out I was pregnant,” Bougard said. “I didn’t know much about being a mom before I became a mom. I had a lot of support from the morning center. More than I did at home.”

The Morning Center is a nonprofit organization that offers comprehensive prenatal care through postpartum to women in need, free of charge. Maryelena Pearson is the supervising RN.

“We bring the patient in here each visit,” Pearson said. “Get their vital signs, draw blood if they need blood work. Then they’re seen by one of our providers, our doctor or one of our nurse practitioners.”

Also, at no cost, ultrasounds are provided to the mothers.

“They get to see the heartbeat for the first time,” Pearson said. “[They] Get to hear the heartbeat.”

Having access to quality health care when you’re pregnant is important not only for the mom but also the baby.  Pia Jo Reynolds is the Executive Director of the Morning Center.

“When they come in, we’re taking the time to understand the needs of each of these moms,” Reynolds said. “It does include comprehensive prenatal care, but it goes beyond that.”

They offer childbirth education classes plus walk alongside the women every step of the way.

“They don’t just carry you through your pregnancy,” Bougard said. “They like spiritually lift you up. And that’s what you need when you’re pregnant. Spiritual care. They teach you how to be a mom.”

This is why our anonymous donor wanted to give the Morning Center a thousand dollars.

Because when you offer quality health care, for free, to expectant moms who may not have had access, you truly change the course of their lives.

A true community changer.