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Memphis Tilth makes a meaningful impact one seed at a time

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Tilth is a Memphis organization that understands the importance of sustainability. Executive Director Mia Madison said one of the group’s responsibilities is to make sure communities can see the value of urban agriculture in their neighborhoods.

They do so by creating Giving Groves in food insecure neighborhoods. These community gardens are designed to improve access to affordable, fresh and locally grown food.

WREG’s Corie Ventura caught up with Eli Steinberg, the chief farmer and St. James garden coordinator, who was putting the broadfork to good use.

“One of the problems with urban agriculture and agriculture in general is soil compaction. That is a tool that we use to mitigate soil compaction,” Steinberg said.

They also offer a community kitchen class to help create healthier eating habits. They partner with local and regional farmers so you know where your food is coming from. It’s part of their Bring It Food Hub, which is a produce subscription. Each bag has locally sourced fruits and vegetables along with other seasonal items.

Memphis Tilth even manages St. Jude’s Community Garden. Emily Oppenheimer with St. Jude grows fresh produce, herbs and flowers for the St. Jude food services system. Their fresh produce gets worked into the recipes that the chefs create on campus for the children.

“It just feels good to know that we’re providing fresh hyper local nutritious, delicious produce,” Oppenheimer said. “The chefs love it. They get excited about it.”

That’s why our anonymous donor wanted to give Memphis Tilth $1,000. They are a true community changer as they make a meaningful impact one seed at a time.

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