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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Roshunda Buchanan is the founder and CEO of 2Unique Community Salvation Foundation. They’re a non-profit organization that she described as providing career development and entrepreneurship skills for youth and young adults.

She also created a program called Find Your Design Career Track and Leadership. It allows you to identify your career interests by making industry leaders available.

WREG’s Corie Ventura met up with Buchanan at her 2Unique Closet Boutique. It’s a thrift store inside the Hickory Ridge Mall, but it’s more than a boutique. Participants of the program receive hands on training.

“Inventory management, store operations, visual displays, how to be a cashier, customer service,” Buchanan explained.

It also helps those in need free of charge.

“Helps those that have had house fires, unemployment, any barriers that’s keeping them from meeting their basic needs,” said Buchanan.

Jamie Taylor and her family lost everything in a house fire back in February.

“Lost everything,” she said. “I saved one basket and it was downstairs in the kitchen. Basically, literally all we had left.”

2Unique Closet Boutique was able to help the family replace items so they could start piecing their lives back together.

“Clothing, shoes, toiletries, deodorant things like that. Little accessories, jewelry,” she said. When you serve your community in numerous ways, everyone you help can become successful neighbors. That is why our anonymous donor wanted to give 2Unique Community Salvation Foundation a check for $1,000. They are a true community changer.