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Memphis organization helps domestic violence survivors in their time of need

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For many, getting out of a domestic violence situation can be hard. Tamaira said she was punched in the face by someone she was in a relationship with.

“Abusers can have so many excuses for why they do what they do,” she said. “Nine times out of ten, they always want to say it was something you did.”

“Domestic violence, in its most simplistic terms, its really about power and control,” added Joyce Kyles, the founder and CEO of Walking Into A New Life. The organization helps people impacted by domestic violence navigate a safe path towards independence.

Kyles herself is a domestic violence survivor. She was in two abusive relationships with the first one being physical.

“The second relationship, second marriage, was actually worse. Because it was not physical. It was everything but,” she said.

Domestic violence can be physical, emotional, psychological, sexual and even financial. The Memphis Police Department receives about 50,000 911 calls a year regarding domestic abuse. Last year, there were 20 deaths related to domestic violence.

“Victims are always told you need to get out of there. You need to leave. You need to leave. My question is, where are they going?” said Kyles.

That’s why she founded the organization. It offers resources like housing, help with utilities, food and gas. They even have a mental health and wellness component in their program.

Tamaria was able to remove herself from her situation with the help of her family and Walking Into A New Life. She knows how vital this organization is to our community.

“So people can see that there is life after their situation. And they can walk away,” she said.

Our anonymous donor saw how crucial their services are and wanted to donate $1,000 to their program.

If you would like to connect with Walking Into A New Life, click here.

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