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You don’t often associate a steam shower, fitness room or acupuncture with a substance abuse and mental health clinic. The healing hearts foundation does and the programs they offer are intentional.

“We’ll poke their ears with acupuncture detoxification and sit them in here for fifteen/twenty minutes and let them sweat out some of the toxins out,” Jane Abraham said.

Jane Abraham is the CEO of the Healing Hearts Foundation. The Foundation helps people regain their life after addiction with holistic therapies. In addition to group and individual therapy, they offer acupuncture detoxification.

“We’ll help someone come through residual withdrawal of marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines. Jane said.  “There are points throughout the whole body that represent really important trigger points in the body. We actually call it poke. We poke the ears in those specific points. And people get some relief.”

They also use breath exercises, music, art and traditional fitness as part of their heart work program.

“When folks in early recovery, when they exercise, they actually start getting the neurotransmitters to producing inside the brain system again,” Jane said.

Recently, they added a defense of grief for anyone who has lost someone to addiction, gun violence, domestic violence or COVID.

Jane said she wanted to create a space for people to, “acknowledge their grief and memorialize their loved ones they lost.”

That is why our anonymous donor wanted to give the Healing Hearts Foundation a thousand dollars!

Because when you offer relief in many forms, the opportunity to connect with others increases.

And the chances of living a clean and sober life is much more achievable.

A true community changer.

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