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Families Matter, teaching men to become fathers, is this week’s Community Changers winner

Community Changers

Families Matter is a resource center that provides the tools to build up every member of the family. Their main focus is to strengthen families, change lives and transform Memphis.

Their organization offers a roadmap to help transition from boyhood to manhood, the right way.

“If a person is going to build a house, they need tools. Well, if you’re going to build a family, you need tools,” said Carol Jackson, the group’s program manager. “We believe much of the chaos you see in the streets today has to do with the fact that fathers are absent from their lives.”

That’s why Families Matter is this week’s Community Changers award winner.

“What does it look like to be responsible?” asked pastoral coordinator Ivory Jackson. “If it was never taught to them, they don’t know. If they were never taught respect, they don’t know.”

Through their Dynamic Dads program, they inspire men to become involved with their infants and help navigate their transition into becoming fathers.

Their Nurturing Parent program helps moms and dads better communicate with their children, learn how to develop empathy while maintaining authority and still provide praise and encouragement. 

Cazell Black, who graduated from the Nurturing Parent program, said he wanted to provide a better life for his daughter, and that’s what drew him to the program. 

“My father was around but he was not around. So, I really didn’t learn much from him,” Black said. “I learned more from my grandfathers. After my grandfathers passed, there was still room for me to grow.”

He quickly realized he was not alone, which made him feel more comfortable in each class. One of his biggest takeaways from the program was to be as “loving and patient and understanding as you can be. Because without those things, a family household, I don’t think, would work.”

Our anonymous donor couldn’t agree more. That is why Families Matter received a $1,000 donation as a thank-you. Their devotion to children, moms and dads is crucial to Memphis and the Mid-South. 

Do you know a group in our community that deserves some help to achieve their mission? Nominate them for Community Changers here.

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