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  • Authorities Now Able To Send Amber Alerts To Cellphones

    Thousands of Californians got an unexpected wake-up call Monday when their cellphones blasted out an alarm to let them know about an Amber Alert in that case. It set off a debate over whether that alarm was needed in the middle of the night, since most people were asleep. When a child is abducted and an Amber Alert is sent asking for your help, most people get the information off television or those electronic message signs stretched across highways. In […]

  • Yard Help Eases Worries For 81-Year-Old Orange Mound Resident

    A group from Lifeline to Success hacked, trimmed and mowed through the overgrown backyard, bringing the home up to code.

  • Nineteenth Century Club Avoids Wrecking Ball For Now

    A judge issued a temporary restraining order to stop owners from knocking it down.

  • Neighbors Worried About What Could Come With New Campus

    Neighbors say the intersection of Poplar and Walnut is already busy enough, and the school will only make things worse.

  • “Jesus Ain’t Going To Come Down Here And Cut It”

    The city told an 81-year-old man who can barely walk it would charge him $50 a day if he doesn't cut down weeds taking over his backyard.

  • Northaven Fights To End Blight

    Community leaders hope flowerbeds and well-groomed yards will one day take over the boarded up houses that sit in the isolated community off N. Watkins on the way to Shelby Forest.

  • Rape Kits Still Untested By TBI

    We continue our investigation into untested rape kits

  • Lulu App Helps Women Take Stock Of Men

    With a few strokes on a keyboard, you can learn a lot about almost anyone. But how about someone’s salary? Or ego? Or even their sex life? A new app is raising eyebrows because it lets women do just that by rating men anonymously for anyone to see. “You just find everybody you have ever come in contact with like friends’ ex-boyfriends and you click on it and it’s true stuff, and you’re like ‘Oh my gosh this is so […]

  • Memphis Has Highest Unemployment Rate For Large Metropolitan Cities

    The U.S. government has Memphis on a list no city wants to be on. Of all 49 metro areas with more than a million people, Memphis has the highest unemployment rate in the country at 9.5 percent. More troublesome, Memphis was one of only nine metro areas to see its jobless rate go up. And it gets worse. Of all those cities, Memphis had the biggest jump year to year. “You never can say that you’re pleased with that, it […]

  • Rare gift brings life and happiness to many, including a 10-year-old-girl

    (Memphis) A 10-year-old girl is alive because a stranger gave her a kidney. Meanwhile Shelby County Commissioner Steve Mulroy kept someone alive by donating his kidney. He set off a chain reaction that actually helped 28 people get donated kidneys. Two stories linked by a rare gift and the kindness of strangers. While live organ donations are typically reserved for friends and family who want to help a loved one, Shelby County Commissioner Steve Mulroy joined a small group called […]

  • Rape Kits Still Going Untested For DNA In Tennessee

    Of more than 1,500 rape kits shipped to TBI, only 11 were processed fully for DNA profile