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Make yourself at home and while you’re clicking way and checking out our website, browse over to our multiple traffic cameras.

The TDOT cameras are positioned in numerous locations in Memphis, including both I -55 and the I-40 bridge that spans over the mighty Mississippi River. They’re also located in Arkansas giving you a prefect view of the traffic over in West Memphis, AR.
We have a link to the Mississippi Department of Transportation website as well that offers continuous camera shots of heavily traveled roadways that, you as commuters, use everyday!

As for me, I’m Corie Ventura. Traffic reporter for News Channel 3. I grew up in Florida and graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor degree in Communication.
What you might not know about me is that I also studied at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi and ran on the Delta State Cross Country Team.

I joined News Channel 3 in 2000 and spent the majority of my time behind the cameras in production, editing, news gathering, research along with sending crews to breaking news all across the Mid South. In May 2007, I stepped in front of the camera & joined the Daybreak team to report the traffic.
I hope you’ll tune in to News Channel 3 Daybreak every morning so I can save you time on your morning commute and help steer you around the hot spots.

Don’t forget if you have a Does It Work idea, feel free to email me.

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