Recent Articles
  • Educator of the Week – Sandra Burt

    This week we visit Hutchison School, to honor someone with more than 40 years of service!  Ms. Sandra Burt has raised four decades of girls who have gone on to be doctors, educators, attorneys and civic leaders.  Ms. Burt has dedicated her career to teaching young girls in Early Childhood grades.  Congratulations, Ms. Burt, our Educator of the Week!

  • Educator of the Week – Tiffany Roberson

    This week we honor Arlington High School Special Education teacher, Tiffany Roberson.  She’s a true example of an awesome teacher.  She knows how to teach and reach her students.  She sees their possibilities not their disabilities.  Congratulations to Tiffany Roberson, our Educator of the Week!

  • Educator of the Week – Mary Johnson

    Our Educator of the week is Mary Johnson of Oak Elementary School.  Mary has her own one room schoolhouse of students from many grade levels with learning disabilities.  But she doesn’t focus on disabilities, rather the students’ abilities to bring them to their full potential.  Congratulations, Ms. Johnson!

  • Educator of the Week – Jennifer Stone

    Havenview Middle School’s, Jennifer Stone, is our Educator of the Week.  She is dedicated to her students and has gone so far as to buy jackets and school supplies for students in need.  Her students appreciate her giving nature!  Congratulations, Ms. Stone!

  • Educator of the Week – Rhiannon Harrison

    Rhiannon Harrison, from catholic school Our Lady of Perpetual Help, is this week’s Educator of the Week.  Many of Miss Harrison’s students say having her as their 5th grade teacher has changed their lives.  She has given them a different look on the importance of school and learning ensuring each of them will achieve greatness if they try!  Congratulations to Miss Harrison!

  • Educator of the Week – Cathey Tant

    This week’s Educator of the Week is 3rd Grade Teacher, Mrs. Cathey Tant of Rivercrest Elementary School.   Parents and students say she goes above and beyond day after day for her students and her school.  She even takes her own time out to watch her students receive awards.  As her students say, “She’s Tantastic”!

  • Educator of the Week – Kima Ransom

    We surprised this week’s Educator of the Week in the library at Robert R. Church Elementary.  Ms. Kima Ransom is a 1st grade teacher known for her dedication, love for children, mentoring her students and her infectious smile.  Congratulations, Kima Ransom, our Educator of the Week!  

  • Educator of the Week – Tamara Keas

    Students in Ms. Keas class say she goes above and beyond to provide a quality education experience and exceptional care for her students.  She teaches her Pre-K students at Lakeland Elementary how to use modern technology and they love her for it!  Congratulations, Ms. Keas, this week’s Educator of the Week!  

  • Educator of the Week – William Wilson

    This week’s Educator of the Week is 8th grade Math teacher, William “Bill” Wilson of Mount Pisgah Middle School.  Mr. Wilson does not like to see his students fail and works hard to offer extra help, internet access, make-up tests and even inspirational speeches to help his students do their very best.  Congratulations, Mr. Wilson!

  • Physics teacher, Jack Replinger, is our Educator of the Week

    At Soulsville Charter School, Mr. Replinger inspires his students by teaching them important life skills.  He works hard to simplify the laws of physics in his lessons.  Congratulations, Mr. Replinger, our Educator of the Week!

  • Our Educator of the Week teaches his students the importance of giving to the communtiy

    Principal Collins is praised for teaching the students of Germanshire Elementary important life lessons, such as putting your best foot forward or understanding the impact one person can make by giving back to the community.  He also finds unique ways to make the school days fun with the school’s first Honor Society, Wise Women Wednesdays and Ties on Tuesdays for the young men… the students love it!  Way to go Principal Collins, our Educator of the Week!