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  • Austen Onek         FB         TW        G+      WP     YouTube       Tumblr        Instagram       Last.Fm      SoundCloud Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends! We’re so glad you could attend!  Come inside! Come inside!  Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs! This is where the good stuff ends up! Glad you could stop by! This is where you read all the stuff about people you see […]

  • Southaven Land Deal On Hold


  • Illinois Attorney General Sues Troubled Mo’ Money Tax Preparers


  • City Retiree Says Forget Disability, He Wants To Work

    (Memphis, 3/1/2012) As the City of Memphis prepares to start a case-by-case review of its $14 million disability pension program, some say there’s an easier fix. City administrators say the reviews are needed to ensure everyone receiving disability payment is disabled.  But by their own admission, in the last 13 years, only one person has been caught cheating and kicked out of the program. Now one retiree says if the city is serious about fixing what’s wrong with disability pensions, […]

  • Electronic Pickpocketing Goes Viral

    (Memphis) It’s the latest viral video taking the internet by storm. In the last three days more than 1.2 million people have watched on-line as WREG On Your Side Investigators exposed the threat of electronic pickpocketing. Using a card reader bought on the internet for less than $100, our expert, Walt Augustinowicz, founder of Identity Stronghold, shows us how he could swipe credit card information from cards equipped with radio frequency identification technology, or RFID. Maybe the only thing more […]

  • Electronic Pickpocketing

    (Memphis) Call it high-tech hijacking. Thieves now have the capabilities to steal your credit card information without laying a hand on your wallet. It’s new technology being used in credit and debit cards, and it’s already leaving nearly 140 million people at-risk for electronic pickpocketing. It all centers around radio frequency identification technology, or RFID. You’ll find it in everything from your passports to credit and debit cards. It’s supposed to make paying for things faster and easier. You just […]

  • Electronic Pickpocketing: Credit Card Cloned Onto Room Key

    (Memphis) When WREG On Your Side Investigators showed you the threat posed by electronic pickpocketing it took the internet by storm. It was a story that’s been viewed more than 12 million times on-line. Our expert, armed with an off-the-shelf device, was able to read radio chips in credit and debit cards and swipe numbers and expiration dates without even touching your wallet. But what he’s able to do with that information will likely leave you shaking your head. In […]

  • Teenager’s Skull Crushed In Fayette County By Camel


  • Job Interview Fashion Dos and Don’ts

    “No flip flops, no jeans, no low cut!” Peabody Human Resources Director Lisa McNutt has been in the hospitality business for 20 years and says she’s seen it all, “We’ve also had them come in, and they look more like they’re going out clubbing, not going for a job interview and that makes a bad impression.” Talk about going from bad to worse. Our cameras caught one applicant sporting animal print tights to the Great American Steamboat Company’s job fair […]

  • Best Beauty Buys

    “It’s just like heaven, that’s what I wait on every week,” says Renee Bond. Like clockwork, Bond heads to Healthy Hair Solutions in Cordova once a week to have her tresses shampooed and styled. “I just love it, love it,” she adds. Some even say it brings out a new you! “I feel like I’ve lost weight, you know my hair’s blonde and its cut the way I like,” jokes Gould’s customer Melissa Corcoran. “I think it’s an addiction,” says […]

  • Almost 90 Central High Students Suspended over Dress Code

    FAST FACTS: Around 90 students were suspended from Central High Tuesday for violating the school’s dress codeSchool officials say it was for a variety of violations after several warningsThe suspended students were back at school Thursday(Memphis 2/23/2012) Antyone Fleming was in high school a couple of years ago and doesn`t like the idea of a dress code, “Man, I think we wear what we want to wear. They can`t tell us what to wear.  I would have been suspended right […]

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