Police: Man defends himself with ax after being attacked with machete, garden hoe

Aaron Fogg and Daniel Hines

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Two men were arrested after police say they attacked a third man with a garden hoe and a machete.

According to police, Aaron Fogg and Daniel Hines were both charged with aggravated assault after the incident Monday.

Both men claimed that the homeowner escorted them to her Scheibler Road residence in Raleigh and asked them to remove another man that she longer wanted there.

Fogg stated that he went into the home armed with a machete and raised it in a threatening manner toward that man, police said. Hines told them he did the same thing, but added that he also threw his garden hoe in an attempt to strike the unwanted man.

That’s when the unwanted man reportedly armed himself with an ax. He told authorities that he hit Fogg in the left hand with the weapon but only in an attempt to defend himself.

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