Lawsuits filed in Arkansas, Tennessee against leading e-cigarette maker

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — An Arkansas teenager and a Collierville man both filed separate lawsuits against a leading e-cigarette maker.

The unnamed Arkansas teenager and his mother filed the lawsuit against Juul Labs, Inc. last week in federal court in Little Rock and are seeking class action status on behalf of all state residents who bought or used Juul’s products. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

The lawsuit claimed the teen has become addicted to nicotine and has experienced adverse physiological, emotional and mental changes from using Juul’s products.

Juul called the lawsuit without merit and said it has never marketed to youth.

Closer to home, a 25-year-old Collierville man also filed suit saying he’s become addicted to Juul products. He accused the company of fraud, saying they marketed and sold the product as “non- addictive nicotine delivery systems, or less addictive nicotine products than cigarettes, when Defendants knew it to be untrue.”

He also stated that the company failed to warn people of the potential risks associated with Juul usage.

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Similar lawsuits have been filed in other states . The lawsuit was filed amid a rise of vaping-related illnesses nationwide.

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