Pass It On: Helping a nurse in her time of need

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — They're the ones who take your temperature, blood pressure, give the shots and sometimes call the shots. They're nurses! But one nurse needs some help. Our playmaker Amy Rogers told us what was up.

"Kristy and I are nurses at a local hospital ER. Her husband has had multiple heart attacks over the last couple of years. Recently he had one and they were going to transfer him to Nashville, so he could get a transplant."

Fortunately her husband didn't need that transplant. Instead he needed something else.

"He had to have a defibralator put in and so he's going to be off work for a while and she will need to help him, so I just thought we were gathering some money at work and donating PTO time so I thought maybe you could help."

Of course we can!

We give Amy $300 from WREG and $300 from an anonymous donor, and head over to Kristy's home.

"Come on in. Oh my gosh. Uh oh. What is this? Oh my gosh, I have no makeup on. I'm so sorry. Hey Greg!"

With no make up on, Kristy calls for her husband Greg.

"I know y'all have had a little rough time and at work we were all trying to gather up and give you some money with you being off after the surgery and stuff. And so I e-mailed Tim and he chose you for the Pass It On."

The money will be put to good use by Kristy and Greg.

"He's had about five or six heart attacks. He had a big one, it was a week ago Monday, and then the next night went into cardiac arrest."

Greg isn't able to work, so it's all fallen to Kristy to make ends meet.  Hopefully this little surprise will be an encouragement to them both.

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