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Pass It On: Helping a Mallory Heights couple in need

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — James and Rose Wright are no strangers to the Mallory Heights community of Memphis.

"A lot of people in the neighborhood call them NaNa and PaPaw because they just help around the community. He just recently got his leg amputated, so he's not able to work. They're having some hard times paying the bills and things like that," explained our playmaker Aireal Blackburn.

"Nana, she usually helps around the neighborhood with the children. If you can't afford a baby sitter, she usually helps out with raising the kids. She feeds everybody. If you're hungry and go over there, you're going to eat. They just do a lot of stuff around the neighborhood to help the people that are in their immediate area. If you come to them for help, they're going to be there. And lately they just fell on bad times because his leg has been amputated so he hasn't really been able to work. They're just struggling a little bit and I just wanted to be able to help."

WREG's Tim Simpson handed her $300 from News Channel 3, plus another $300 from an anonymous donor. It was then time to roll.

Aireal's four-year-old daughter Brandi helped us Pass It On by knocking on Mrs. Wright's door.

That's when Aireal took over.

"We're going to Pass It On to you because you've been a good help in the community. So we have here $300 from Channel 3 news and $300 from a donor. How bout that?"

It takes Mrs Wright just a few moments to compose herself.

"God is blessing you today through some very sweet friends," said Simpson. "Randy and Arial, and they reached out to us and I think your husband has gone through some surgery recently?"

"He's at dialysis right now."

"Despite the fact that he can't work the bills just keep coming in?"

"Yes they do."

Despite the setbacks, she keeps doing what she does best.

"I've been babysitting kids since I was eight and I'm still babysitting kids."

Still helping in her neighborhood, and today she gets some help.

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