Jonesboro Police say ‘no viable threat’ after investigating report of possible school shooting

JONESBORO, Ark. — Law enforcement officers began investigating after a rumor spread on social media about a possible school shooting in Arkansas.

The rumor that caused concern was that a shooting would occur on Friday, Aug. 29 at an undisclosed school in Arkansas. The rumor also said a shooting would occur in Kentucky the day before.

Authorities say the person who reported the rumor lives in another country and received, “the information while playing an online video game.”

The identity of the person who made the threat is unknown, but Jonesboro Police say no direct threats have been made to any local school districts. “We take the safety of our children very serious and will provide the proper security measures and work with out districts to achieve this goal,” Chief Elliot said.

The Arkansas State Police has been in close contact with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to identify the person responsible for the “alleged threat.”


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