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Man shot, killed at Nutbush apartment complex

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A heated argument turned deadly when a man was shot and killed at a Nutbush apartment complex Tuesday afternoon. It happened around 4:30 pm at the Villages of Harrison Creek on Jackson, near I-40. Police haven't said what the disagreement was about.

The shooter stayed on the scene and talked with officers, but investigators haven't said if he's claiming self-defense. They also haven't said if any charges will be filed.

DeAngelo Mitchell lives nearby and says the area is violent. He claims he wouldn't be surprised if the shooting was justified.

"You're better off just to carry a gun. That's how I feel about the situation," he said.

His sister Chawonna Jefferson wishes people didn't feel that way.

"If you wake up in the morning and say, 'Hey, I got to take my gun with me everywhere I go today.' I mean, that's no way to live," she said.

Jefferson says the area has been dangerous for a long time.

"It's high in crime, because there ain't nothing to do but have crime over here. You don't got no jobs. You don't got nothing for the kids to do," she said.

Many of those kids were coming home from school when the shooting happened this afternoon.

"School just got out, and they got to come out of school, and they trying to make something of their self, and they got to come back and see this," Jefferson said.

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