Pass It On: Neighbor helping neighbor

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Meet Sylvia Gaither. She's our playmaker in this week's Pass It On.

"About four months ago a neighbor came and knocked on my door and explained to me the reason I haven't saw him was because he'd been in the hospital. He had a stroke, seizure, so you know I just spoke to him with kind words that everything is going to be okay, that God has him. Just keep your faith."

"He mentioned to me some things that was going on, so I went in the house. I'm a big baby. I cried and I was like, oh my god, what can I do to help this gentleman? It so happened that the news came on and there you were. And I was like, News Channel 3."

Sylvia didn't waste any time going to and filling out a Pass It On request.

"I was just trying to think of a way that we could reach out and help him."

They loaded up and went to see Mr. and Mrs. McLanahan.

"Mr. McLanahan!"

"What you doing?"

"Coming to see you."

Mr. McLanahan was a little stunned when they arrived at his door.

"I'm coming over the is morning to Pass It On to you guys, so hold your hand out," said Sylvia.

The McLanahan's said the money will be very helpful.

"She was in the hospital for food poisoning about two or three weeks ago and I had a seizure back in March and I'm off my job for six months, probably at least," said Mr. McLanahan.

"We have really had some things happen that have been real hard on us," added Mrs. McLanahan.

"Yes, ma'am. Well you have a sweet neighbor like Sylvia that's looking out for you."

Neighbor helping neighbor in this segment of Pass It On.

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