Does It Work: Progressive Cherry Pitter

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Fresh cherries are rich in antioxidants and have anti inflammatory compounds which make them a very healthy snack.But boy are they a pain to pit.

If you don't have a pitter, you're either popping them in your mouth then spitting the pits out, or slicing them up with a knife so your little ones won't choke on them. But when you're cutting cherries with a knife, you end up wasting half of the cherry.

"I just wished there was a better way to pitting them verse by knife."

That's why Corie Ventura wanted to test out the Progressive Cherry Pitter, which claims to be able to pit six cherries at once.

It had six zinc alloy blades and  a non-skid base. The zinc prongs pushed the pit through the cherry. The instructions were simple. Just place six cherries in the tray and press the lid down in one swift motion.

Corie loaded up the cherry pitter and gave it a try.

"Oh, you really gotta use some force. How about that? You do have to use some force. Okay, what does it look like?"

You could see the pits in the bottom container. Were the cherries still intact?

"That`s where the prong went it. And this is where it came out. So, they still really kept their form!"

Progressive Cherry Pitter, you passed the Does It Work test.


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