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It’s back to work for the Tigers as fall camp begins

MEMPHIS -- With just 29 days before the season opener, the Memphis Tigers took their first steps toward that much talked about opener against Ole Miss, taking the field Friday out at the Murphy Complex.

It was the first of 25 allotted workouts this fall for the University of Memphis.

Friday, like Christmas Day for these players, who've sweated through the summer just to get to today, the first day of fall camp, the first day of the 2019 season.

For the seniors on this Tiger team, it's also the first of many lasts in the blue and gray.

"I've matured a little bit so I cherish every moment now. I know its my last one so, everything I see, I try to take it in a little bit deeper than usual," said tight end Joey Magnifico.

These Tiger seniors also have big plans for this final go around.

"I set bigger goals for myself. I set bigger goals for the team. I feel we're all on board. We all want to go undefeated this season. We all have the same mentality, the same go get them mentality. I feel it's like a calm focus. We're all on the same page. It's understood at this point," said defensive end Bryce Huff.

"Cap it off conference champs and bowl champs. I haven't won one bowl game here. I haven't won one conference championship," added linebacker Austin Hall.

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