Man accused of extorting thousands from boss

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man was arrested after police say he stole thousands of dollars from his boss.

The victim told police it all began on July 15 when Tony Gardner told him that his friends wanted $5,000. If they didn't get the money he said they would burn down his North Main Street business.

At that time, the victim said he gave Gardner about $2,300, but that wasn't enough. The suspect allegedly called the man that same day and demanded an additional $2,500 before issuing the same threat.

Again, the victim said he complied.

Three days later, Gardner allegedly sent his boss a text message saying he wanted to borrow $850. He then warned the victim to "think before you speak," resulting in the victim giving him $1,000.

The victim finally reported everything to police on July 22, police said. Gardner was arrested and charged with extortion and theft of property.

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