Woman shot at gas station captured on surveillance camera

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A man shot at a woman at a crowded convenience store parking lot on Crump Boulevard in South Memphis Monday afternoon, police said.

Surveillance video obtained by WREG showed the crowd gathering outside the Valero convenience store around 2 p.m.

Police said a woman who was related to one of the men eventually got shot. Surveillance video showed the group arguing and then a man in red pants backing up and making a firing motion through his shirt.

Police said he shot the woman in her leg.

“I don’t see us fed up enough," Stevie Moore said of the excessive violence.

Moore is an ex-felon who’s turned his life around and now runs Freedom from Unnecessary Negatives, a group aimed at community service and anti-violence advocacy.

He already had a sign up right next to the gas station. He added more Monday, in light of the latest incident.

"There’s been a bunch of shootings lately not just this location but this entire general area. So we try to saturate the community with the message," Moore said. “I tell people if you don’t wanna call the police, call that number 901-527-3149. Let us report it because people know crime is ruining our community.”

In fact, WREG tried to talk with the victim as well as people at the gas station and in the surrounding neighborhood.

No one would speak on camera.

"Most times these shootings are people who know one another. But people won't say nothing. It’s like in our community, snitching gets stitches. But I always said no snitches get killed," Moore said.

He hoped to change that.

He planned a gathering on August 17 at the First Baptist Church on Broad to talk about better models for reporting crime.

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