Uprooted trees cause property damage across Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The trees give Linda White’s southwest Memphis neighborhood its character, but she can appreciate them more when they’re not keeling over in her neighbor’s yard.

“I was in the kitchen cooking yesterday and all of a sudden I heard this cracking. I was like, ‘What was that?’” White said.

It was a tree uprooted by storms Monday afternoon that demolished the fence dividing White’s property from her neighbor’s on its way to the ground.

On Double Tree Cove, Lorraine Rone is taking in the damage caused by a different tree.

“We were shocked to see it,” Rone said.

A tree limb snapped off overnight Monday, crushing her neighbor’s fence.

“We didn’t hear it. We didn’t hear any sounds or anything,” Rone said.

In Marshall County around lunchtime, the sounds were unmistakable as high winds ripped shingles from roofs and sent trees falling down like dominoes in the small community of Victoria.

Arborist Bill Jurgens with Jones Brothers Tree and Landscape said Tuesday’s rain will only make these scenes more likely.

“It saturates the ground, the ground gets really soft and when you have a big healthy tree, it’s liable to uproot from the wind,” Jurgens said.

Jurgens says decaying trees are at greatest risk, something you can easily determine by looking at the roots.

“When you look at a tree where the roots start curving and then they stop abruptly, that’s a sign of decay in many cases,” Jurgens said.

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