Possible tornado rips through north Mississippi, causing damages

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — A possible tornado caused damage in northern Mississippi on Tuesday, leaving people in Marshall County working to clean up the mess.

High winds and torrential rain pummeled parts of the Mid-South and caused damage across the area. No injuries were reported, but now the cleaning process begins.

A trampoline was blown into bushes in Marshall County.

In the small community of Victoria, winds picked up a trampoline, moved it yards away from a home and tossed it into some bushes.

"The wind, everything was just blowing." said Marshall County resident Patricia Stroter. "First, it was calm. Then all of a sudden, just, woosh, then trees bending, and it was just a second."

She believes the area experienced a tornado.

Just as another resident, Jennifer Foy, who lives off Victoria Road, was getting ready to walk out her front door with her three small children, the storm really picked up. Windows were blown out of her home.

"All we heard was a loud boom," Foy said. "I guess it was a transformer blowing, and the wind just started moving things across the porch, and it started moving my grill across the porch, so I grabbed the kids and threw them into the bathtub."

Foy said the chaos only lasted about 15 seconds.

Windows were blown out and several trees were down at this home in Marshall County.

"The windows got busted out, and we've got about six trees down," she said.

Her truck was also damaged.

The possible tornado forced the closure of Friendship Road as crews worked to repair downed utility lines.

Foy is now dealing with a cleanup, but overall, she's grateful.

"I'm very thankful," Foy said. "I'm glad that I live in an old house that was built good because if I was in a trailer, I probably wouldn't have been so lucky."

Trees are down on a home on Mayes Road in Marshall County.

Dozens of trees are down in the area, but because the possible tornado really only happened a short time ago, it will take a while for investigators to officially assess the damage.

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