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Whitehaven couple in need of help for dilapidated home

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Cynthia and Willie House have lived in their Whitehaven home for more than 20 years, but the condition of the house could cause them to become homeless.

There are pieces of wood being used to patch up holes inside and outside, black mold and a ceiling that's falling in. That's what this family is living with, because they are unable to make the necessary repairs.

It's especially dangerous to Mr. House, who is wheelchair bound from muscular dystrophy.

"I don't want to live like this," Cynthia House said. "Sometimes it makes you feel like a failure."

She invited WREG inside, but uninvited guests have made their way in, as well — raccoons, she says.

Water comes through the roof here, damaging the ceiling, she said. They've nailed up wood trying to keep the ceiling from completely falling in. The same has been done to the damaged floors, affected by standing water.

"I pray, Lord don't let it rain. Don't let it rain today," she said.

Mrs. House knows the rain and hot temperatures usher in a major health risk: black mold.

The home is also not equipped with a ramp, leaving her body to become a human crutch when helping her husband up and down the three steps.

But something Mrs. House can't just patch up is the threat by family members to remove her husband from the home.

She's hopeful that help will find its way to her front door.

"I'm not just sitting still, I'm working. I'm working to help make it better," she said.

She says her son's mounting medical bills before his untimely death five years ago put her behind.

Now, she is hoping anyone willing and able to help will do just that.

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