Shelby County worker shot while trying to stop thieves

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A quick stop at Chris Masin's Raleigh home on Crain Road turned violent when a pair of thieves got in his truck. Masin says he left it unlocked and running in the driveway while he went inside to change clothes and grab a file before heading back to work.

"It only took about two minutes," he said. "I came back out into the living room, and I saw somebody getting into the car."

So, he ran outside.

"There was already somebody in the driver's seat."

The driver started backing out after Masin tried to open the passenger side door. He says he wanted to hold on, but he let go when the passenger pulled a gun and started shooting.

"I heard about three shots."

He says the gunman fired several more shots after the driver ran over a mailbox across the street. Masin was only able to watch as the thieves got away.

"I just think it's disgusting."

Masin was badly injured. One of the bullets went through his arm and shattered a bone along the way.

Masin is a Shelby County engineer. The truck that was stolen is a county-issued vehicle. Masin's personal phone, work phone, wallet and tools were inside.

"It is sad that in your own driveway you have to make sure to secure everything."

Police found the truck abandoned four days later at a vacant home in Frayser. Masin hasn't seen the vehicle yet and doesn't know if anything was recovered.

The incident happened a couple weeks ago but police haven't said if either thief's been arrested.

"I'm glad I made it out with my life," Masin said.

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