Pass It On: Helping a young man in need

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —It was a quiet day at the Dave Wells Community Center in North Memphis when WREG's Tim Simpson met our playmaker Kiwanda Morgan. She wanted to help a young man named Travis.

"He is known to help a lot of people, whether it be to give them an encouraging word or pray for them. I've know him to go to the hospital to sit by their side when they're sick."

Just over a year ago, Travis's mother was diagnosed with cancer.

"He was working at that time but you know, through taking her to her appointments, being there for her during her treatments, he lost that job. He decided that hey, what's more important right now is that I'm here for my mom, to take care of her to get her through this ordeal."

Thankfully his mom won her battle with cancer.

"He then began searching for a job. He found a job, and that's when he decided instead of getting another car and paying a note, that he would save up his money."

Travis saved up and bought a decent used car.

"Travis was preparing to get to work, uh... headed out the door and discovered that the car had been stolen out of his driveway."

He lost that job because he had no transportation.

"Now he needs a job, but he needs transportation to get to that job."

Fortunately for Travis, Simpson had a surprise in store - an additional $600 for a grand total of $1,200.

Morgan led the way to Travis' home and caught him by surprise.

"I reached out to Tim when the tragedy hit about your car. And I told him that at this time he really needs some help," Morgan explained.

She then counted out the cash.

Travis said he felt blessed.

"I don't complain about a lot I go through but this is a blessing."

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