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Live at 9: Ranked choice voting, Daniel Brook, John Babb & Daphnique Springs and Reedo Brown

Ranked choice voting

Implementing instant runoff voting, or ranked choice voting, continues to be a hot button issue in the city of Memphis. Aaron Fowles and Carlos Ochoa with Ranked Choice Tennessee explained why.

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City attorney on ranked choice voting

At the center of the legal fight over whether or not to implement instant runoff voting in Memphis is the city council. Council attorney Allan Wade stopped by to talk about the issue from that point of view.

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Author Chat with Daniel Brook

The Accident Of Color: A Story of Race in Reconstruction travels back in time to a crucial point in American history. Two southern cities in the United States exist in what can be considered the first Civil Rights Movement

Author Daniel Brook joined us to discuss what led him to this subject matter.

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Voices of the Dead

The Yellow Fever Epidemic decimated much of the lower Mississippi valley in the 1870s. John Babb's Voices of the Dead follows a band of determined volunteers working to fight the wretched virus despite their limited knowledge and tools.

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Comedians Daphnique Springs and Reedo Brown

Comedians Daphnique Springs and Reedo Brown will take over Chuckles this weekend. But first they stopped by Live at 9 with a preview.

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