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Military, first responders honor Arkansas boy who dreamed of being an ‘Army Man’

CAMDEN, Ark. —  Oakley Nimmo was just five years old when he passed away last week in Camden, Arkansas. In his short time here on Earth, all he wanted to be when he grew up was a soldier serving his country. After his death, his family put a request on Facebook.

“We are going to give Oakley a full military service in honor of his wish to become an ‘Army Man’ one day,” they said. “We ask that any active military members and/or veterans to please attend the funeral in their uniforms.”

Many of them didn’t even know Nimmo or his story until days before his funeral, but that didn’t stop them from showing up in full force. On Tuesday his funeral was packed with active members of the Arkansas National Guard and other branches of the military members as well as veterans, first responders and motorcycle clubs from around the area.

They said it was all to honor the five-year-old and to show support for his grieving family.

“I’m certain he faced things that scared him throughout his fight and he continued to soldier on until he couldn’t soldier anymore,” Arkansas Army National Guard Captain Ted Sharp told THV11.

“We consider him a good soldier and there’s no way that we could leave this good soldier behind,” he added.

Oakley was even made an Honorary Colonel in the Arkansas National Guard.

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