Does It Work: The Zyliss Prawn and Shrimp Deveiner

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shrimp are packed with protein plus they cook fast. But no one likes to be stuck in the kitchen peeling and deveining them.Yes, you can buy them already peeled and deveined, but it costs more and they don't always have that option.

Hopefully the Zyliss Prawn and Shrimp Deveiner can make peeling fun and get us out of the kitchen faster.

It's made of plastic and has a scissor-action handle that can remove the head of a shrimp if needed. The curved pointed side inserts just under the shell to remove the shell and vein all at once.

"We have two different size shrimp. I'm going to start with the larger one first."

For starters, the tail should be facing away from you and the top of the shrimp closest to you.

"You're suppose to insert it in. It's supposed to devein and remove the shell. "

The first attempt didn't go so well.

"Well, that's butchered. I ruined the shrimp."

Practice makes perfect right? Time for another try.

"Well, okay. I didn't butcher it so that's good. Take two was way better than take one. At least it's fully intact."

Plus, it was deveined.

Time to move on to the smaller shrimp. It started out promising but then Corie had to finish peeling off the shell. On a side note, she was able to devein the smaller shrimp as well.

One last try.

She inserted the tool just below the shell. It was tough to hold on to the smaller shrimp and pull up without ruining the shrimp. She still had to peel it but again it the tool did devein the shrimp.

"It worked 30 percent of the time with inconsistent results."

Corie said overall she could remove the shell and devein the shrimp faster by hand or with a knife.

Zyliss Prawn and Shrimp Deveiner, you failed the Does It Work test.

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