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Former deputy pleads guilty to helping sheriff steal guns

In this Sept. 23, 2017 photo provided by Centinel Solutions, a model displays a camera mounted below the barrel of a handgun in New York. Some police departments are considering putting cameras on officers’ guns, saying they would give a better, unobstructed view of police-involved shootings and save money on video storage costs compared with body cameras. (Gavin Smith/Centinel Solutions via AP)

JACKSON, Miss. — A former north Mississippi sheriff’s deputy is pleading guilty to two felony charges for helping a sheriff steal guns.

Former Webster County Chief Deputy Landon Griffin pleaded guilty Monday to one count of embezzlement and one count of trafficking in stolen firearms.

Griffin was indicted in connection with aiding Tim Mitchell. The former Webster County sheriff pleaded guilty to four felonies last week and resigned his office.

Court system spokeswoman Beverly Kraft says prosecutors recommend Griffin spend five years in prison. A judge will sentence Griffin on July 30.

Mitchell was accused of illegally buying pills, seeking sex with two jailed women, ordering Griffin to remove guns from evidence, and selling them or giving them away. Mitchell was also accused of providing illegal drugs and a cellphone to an inmate.

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