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Live at 9: Purple Heart Homes, Memphis People’s Campaign, Chef Franco & Travis Bowlin

Purple Heart Homes: Giving back to those who served

A Mid-South U.S. Navy veteran will soon have a new roof on his home thanks to some local contractors working with the project called Purple Heart Homes.
WREG was live on location during Live at 9 to see how the work was going.

Getting people to the polls

In a matter of months Memphis residents will head to the polls to elect a number of different city leaders, including mayor. The Memphis People's Campaign is working to make sure the community gets out and votes. Organizer Rev. Earle Fisher explained how they are doing just that on Live at 9.

Cooking with Chef Franco

Pizza ,pasta, panini, salads and even soups all have something in common. We're talking about mozzarella! Chef Franco stopped by to share the ultimate sandwich recipe.

Music with Travis Bowlin

It's been a staple of American music since the 1800s, but it's not something you really see these days: the cigar box guitar. Nashville blues musician Travis Bowlin is working to change that.

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