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Live at 9: Stop the Bleed, Global Running Day, Queen T & Watercooler Wednesday

Stop the Bleed class

After a traumatic injury minutes and even seconds count. But for many of us, we have no clue what to do in certain situations.  Robert Mabe from Regional One Health stopped by to give us some tips and more information on how we can learn even more.

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Global Running Day

Global Running Day is celebrated each year on the first Wednesday in June, which is the perfect excuse to pick up those running shoes. Run coach Mindy Eveland shared a beginner`s running recipe, and tips to help everyone get out and on the path to wellness.

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Queen T: Mentoring superstars

Memphis native Temmora Levy, a.k.a. Queen T, is on a mission to help future superstars make their dreams come true, and she's doing it one episode at a time on "Ms. T's Music Factory." She joined us Wednesday morning to tell us how it all came about.

Watercooler Wednesday

If you're worried about how much coffee you drink every day, your worries could be over. Plus, would you relinquish your cell phone before heading out to your next event? We found out what our panel had to say in this week's Watercooler Wednesday.

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