Police say woman set up friend in robbery, kidnapping

Theodora Hollis-Pitts

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A northeast Memphis woman is in trouble with police after they say she tried to pull a fast one on a friend.

Police say Theodora Hollis-Pitts set up Lawrence Burton in a robbery and then lied about it.

Burton and Hollis-Pitts were both reportedly robbed in an apartment complex on Edgewater in May. Burton’s backpack was stolen, he was pistol whipped and led around a building where was told to run before robbers started shooting.

Burton ran to a Murphy Express gas station to call police. That’s when Hollis-Pitts called telling him she was kidnapped and needed his debit card pin to appease the robbers.

She claimed the robbers seemed pleased and she was able to get away by dropping them off at a car wash.

Apparently Hollis-Pitts thought she’d tricked Burton, but little did she know he’d given her the wrong code to the card. When Hollis-Pitts and two men tried to use the card at an S-Mart station, they were caught on camera together.

The woman even tossed her friend’s bag after taking anything of value out.

On Monday Hollis-Pitts finally told police she wasn’t a victim with Burton. In fact, she helped set the whole thing up, admitting she lied to police initially and even drove the vehicle.

Hollis-Pitts is charged with aggravated robbery and filing a false report, along with tampering and fabricating evidence.

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