Woman says she could be homeless with her children due to scam

UPDATE: Latoya Lewis said after our story aired, the mobile home park allowed her to move in without any problems.


TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. — A Tunica County mother says she and her six children may be homeless soon. She says she was ripped off by a now former employee of a mobile home park.

Latoya Lewis thought she was getting a deal when she says she stumbled on the perfect fir for her family at Buck Island.

"I tried to get a bigger place for me and my family. I got my $800 deposit thinking that I had the place."

Lewis didn't waste any time signing off on the four-bedroom and two-bath home.

She was supposed to move in on June 17, but she found out on May 31 that it's not happening.

"I stopped by the office and there was a new man. He told me Patrice no longer worked there, because she had been fired for stealing." Patrice is the woman who collected Lewis' deposit.

"I'm just in a bind right now."

When we knocked on Patrice's door to get answers a man answered and said, "Talk to Dylan. He's the one who said they can't move in."

We then stopped by the leasing office, but no one was there.

Lewis says she has all of her paperwork and is determined to find a solution soon.

"I work for my money. I have six kids I have to feed. She has a roof over her head and me and my kids ain't bout to have one."

The Tunica County Sheriff's Office says a police report has been filed.

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