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Mississippi couple goes viral with ’empty nest’ photo shoot

PONTOTOC, Miss. — A Mississippi photographer’s photos of her parents entering the “empty nesters” phase of life have gone viral on social media.

The adorable photos were posted to Facebook on Tuesday, May 28, and shows Haley Marie’s smiling parents outside their home with a chalkboard sign that reads “empty nesters June 1, 2019.”

In another photo, her mother holds another sign that says “expecting 0 kids” with a date of June 2019. Her husband is ecstatically standing beside her with a number zero balloon.

“Most parents are a little sad when they hit the “empty nest” phase of life,” Haley Marie posted to her professional page. “HOWEVER, my parents seemed thrilled. also…how cute are they??!!”

Since being posted earlier this week, the photos have been shared nearly 200,000 times with 76 thousand comments.

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