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Live at 9: Alice Marie Johnson, swimming lessons 101 & Toni Green

Interview with Alice Marie Johnson

Her life sentence for a non-violent drug trafficking charge was commuted by President Donald Trump last year thanks to some help from Kim Kardashian West. Now, Alice Marie Johnson is out of prison and making a difference in her own way. In fact, she has a new book out about her experiences and more.

What you need to know about swimming lessons

If you plan on signing your children up for swimming lessons, you need to see this. CPR expert Barbara Capozella has something you need to know before enrolling the kids.

Watercooler Wednesday

It looks like more people are leaving Facebook but not for the reason you may think. And the once popular Pokemon Go gets a revival, but you'll need to get your beauty rest for it.

Music with Toni Green

The iconic J Blackfoot recorded at Stax, lead the band Soul Children and even had a huge hit with the song "Taxi." Now, this Mid-South native will be honored for his contributions to Memphis music and beyond.

Soul star Toni Green stopped by to explain.


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