Drivers could be unaware some dealerships install GPS trackers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Drivers, you may want to read your fine print, because it's possible that there could be a GPS tracker on your car that's mapping your every move.

"Some people know, some people don't. You've got to read your fine print," Demarcus Harris said. He says when he got his Lexus he understood that each time he started his car to make a move, the dealership would know.

He even showed us the paperwork. "They tell you they are putting a tracker on it. It was not new to me."

At some dealerships it’s a part of the terms, especially if you are getting the car financed through the dealership.

Harris says he read every line of the paperwork, but some people just won’t do that.

"A lot of people just sign paperwork."

Harris says the GPA tracker protects both the dealership and the driver and isn't an invasion of privacy.

To be honest, I agree because anything could happen.

For instance, if the car is stolen, once a police report is done investigators can work with the dealership to get it back.

Harris says if you're not sure if your car has one simply as before signing anything.

We talked to the manager of a dealership that installs trackers on cars on their lot. We were told that you wouldn’t even be able to spot the tracker in clear view.

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