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Victim’s clue led to accused Cordova killer’s capture

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Murder suspect Bryant Ward is now in custody at Shelby County Jail, six days after police say he shot and killed a man in Cordova.

Bryan Hervey was killed almost a week ago, but his last act was a heroic one — police found a slip of paper in his hand with a license plate number on it, an essential piece of evidence that helped them find his alleged killer.

The story is sadly clear now: Police say Ward shot into Hervey’s car multiple times and then chased him down outside a neighbors front door, killing him with more gunfire.

"You don’t expect that in a neighborhood where you live," neighbor Bobbie Jackson said. "So what was going through my mind that morning was pure frantic fear.”

People in this area in Cordova, while heartbroken, are determined to come together. They consider themselves a tight-knit group.

"I think there’s some great things here and some unique things about a small town," Jackson said. "The neighbors, people in general, just have to learn how to have that sense of community and caring.”

Ward's criminal record shows he had three prior arrests, including one for aggravated assault and another for unlawful possession of a weapon. He’s now facing a long stretch behind bars.

"You don’t stand in judgement but you certainly want to get criminals off the street,” Jackson said.

Ward was originally arrested in Olive Branch but is now at Shelby County Jail facing one charge of first-degree murder. It is still unclear whether his sister, the driver of the car that night, will face any charges.

-- By Peter Fleischer

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