Police release photos of suspects in ‘Nazi’ spray painting incident at Walmart

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police have released surveillance images of the suspects accused of vandalizing a local man’s truck possibly due to a sticker on the back of his vehicle.

Authorities released the photo images on Wednesday and said the pair were caught on camera coming out of the Austin Peay Walmart. Some time later, the female suspect was seen spray painting “Nazi” on the victim’s vehicle, which was parked in the handicap spot at the front of the parking lot, and then jumping into a Chrysler Pacifica with a man.

WREG’s Troy Washington spoke with the victim John Hopper on Monday.

“I had a Trump sticker on my car,” Hopper said.

As far as he can see, that’s the only reason vandals targeted his ride.

His son-in-law Clayton Wiggins is also convinced the sticker prompted someone to do this.

“Especially in broad daylight, he’s parked in the handicap spot in the front of the store with all the cameras,” he said.

Many people don’t like Trump, but Wiggins said that shouldn’t have anything to do with how he father-in-law is treated.

“There’s no reason for this. He’s a nice man and this is just pure hate,” Wiggins said. “He’s had those stickers on his truck for years.”

The family said investigators told them they aren’t the only victims, and that vandalism claims just like this have been rolling in lately.


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