Downward goat? Participants say there’s a big upside to new yoga trend

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.  — It's a yoga class where mats go on the grass and a downward dog could end up with a goat by your side.

Goat yoga has been one of the hottest fitness trends across the country and it's made its way to the Mid-South.

Big goats and baby goats were all roaming freely during a recent goat yoga class at Health Science Park near downtown Memphis.

"It got me to a yoga class, and how often do you get to pet goats and feed them?" Jeanie Moren said.

Yoga lovers and those who have never tried yoga were all eager to try it with goats.  Some even calling it a life-changing experience.

" I just found peace and calmness. It was the best experience," Stephanie Ramirez said.

A few years ago Pete and Jackie Sourek bought some goats to help clear their farm outside Memphis. They fell in love with the goats, and when the goat yoga craze took off decided to put their goats to work.

"This is new territory for us," said Jackie Sourek of Jameson Woods Farm.

The goats do need some food to keep them interested in the yoga class, but really seem to enjoy hanging out with humans and even cuddle up next to some of  them.

"They do jump all over you from time to time or they'll crawl under you," said Moren.

Part exercise, part pet therapy, participants seemed to leave the class much happier.

"I don't think I've smiled this much on Saturday morning.  So, so  absolutely therapeutic," said Moren.

Some farms in the U.S.  have also introduced chicken and alpaca yoga.

For more information on goat yoga at Jameson Woods Farm click here.

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