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Pass It On: Mississippi family receives blessing after wreck

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — This SUV has seen better days. It was involved in a wreck, even flipped because the impact was so great. It's left a Coldwater, Mississippi family in a world of hurt, literally. Meet our playmaker, Felicia Turnbow.

"They were recently in a car wreck off of Highway 4. It was her husband and kids in the car and they actually like flipped the truck. So her husband is out of work and she's not working either."

"So this must have been a really bad wreck," said WREG's Tim Simpson.

"It was."

"How long is he going to be out of work? Any idea?"

"They said a few months. They really don't know."

"What kind of injuries?"

"He had suffered a broken back I believe and she was just bruised up and stuff."

With a broken back the husband won't be returning to work anytime soon.

"Well if you'd put out your hand, I've got something for you, alright? From News Channel 3, there's $100, $200 and $300. And from an anonymous donor an additional $300 for a total of $600. Ready to pass it on?"


We hit the road to find our recipient, Priscilla Null.

Hey. How are you doing?"

Felicia gets into position.

"So I know you've had a lot going on. I know you had the wreck and your husband's not working. So I just wanted to come and bring you something."

Felicia counts out the $600.

"You're going to make me cry. Thank you," said Null.

And how does Null feel?

"I don't even know what to say. All I can say is thank you because my husband is the sole provider for my family. And we just lost our truck. This is not even the only thing that I've had happen this year. I've lost a child this year."

"Well, you needed a blessing like this today. And that's what happened. You've got a very sweet friend here that would reach out and help you."

2019 has been a tough year for Null's family, but hopefully it took a turn today with the help of a friend and Pass It On.

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