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Pass It On: A school worker receives help

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A school worker in Brighton, Tennessee has a friendship with practically every child in the school. Now she is receiving help.

Meet our play maker Lori Beth Belk. She wants to help Mrs. Pam Springfield.

"She sells ice cream in the cafeteria everyday to the students, but she does much more than that. She likes to give back to them, and brings in gifts to them constantly and makes sure that they are prepared for the holiday."

With 700 students, this is no small school.

"We've had parents brag about how wonderful she is, and so she'll be super excited and stoked to have this as a recognition."

It's time to Pass It On.

We're passing on $300 from News Channel 3 and $300 from an anonymous donor in Nesbit, Mississippi.

We then head to the school lunch room to meet Mrs. Springfield.

Her personality was magnetic.

"In my hand I have $600 that is being given back to you for all the kindness that you do for not only us staff members, but for kids here. Hold out your hand."

Mrs. Springfield was overcome with emotion.

"I love this school. I love this staff. I love these kids. I'm not going to retire no more," she said laughing.

But there's more.

Once a month we have a donor that steps up and he gives another $600. Mrs. Springfield was overcome with gratefulness.

"Oh my God. Thank you."

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