Man says he was robbed at gunpoint while taking out trash in Midtown

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man new to Midtown says he was welcomed to the neighborhood by armed criminals.

North Belvedere Street appears to be quiet, but neighbors say that's an illusion.

Police say the victim was held at gunpoint by two men as he went to take his trash to the curb. When the victim told the suspects he didn't have money they tried to get the keys to his home.

He refused, and they began to threaten to shoot him. The suspects managed to get the victim's keys and took off in his car. The victim was unharmed.

'It's scary," a neighbor said. "I thought it was close and alarming. We all take our garbage out at night."

She says crimes like this happen frequently.

"I've known several people that it happened to on this street."

In fact, she says she was robbed in 2008. Now, she says something has to change.

An arrest has been made in the carjacking.

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