Live at 9: The Hampline, The Evolution Pop Culture Community Summit & Lavar Walker

Hampline Revitalization

The Mid-South is no stranger to revitalization efforts and that’s especially true in the Binghampton area right now.   That includes the initiative to fill the gap with the Hampline, a bicycle path that mixes cycling, art and the community.

Nicholas Oyler explains why this is so good for business.

The Evolution Pop Culture Community Summit

A mission to bring the creative from all walks of life and use the arts to to reintroduce the culture to the community. That's just one of the goals of the Evolution Pop Culture Community Summit hosted by the Heal the Hood Foundation.

Ladell Beamon, Adolfo Quinones and Taimak stopped by to talk about the exciting event.

Comedian Lavar Walker

This comedian and writer is the prescription you need for a weekend of laughs.. Lavar Walker, pharmacist by day and comedian by night headlines at Chuckles right here in Memphis this weekend!

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