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Frayser resident warns drivers to slow down after crash that hurt 3 kids

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People in a Frayser neighborhood are thankful three children are OK after a terrible crash Thursday afternoon, but say it should serve as a lesson to stay alert on Frayser Boulevard.

The crash sent three kids leaving school to the hospital, and left the driver of a truck hospitalized, too.

A family member of a 10-year-old boy who was hit says he underwent surgery Friday on his broken leg.

Police say the driver had a medical emergency, but they haven't said what it was. His truck hit a car, then jumped a curb and hit three children we’re told were on their way home from school.

"It was sad really because we're talking about kids here," said Jerry Thornton, who lives near the crash.

His home now has a broken fence because of the crash. He says Frayser Boulevard near Watkins is busy.

"They go pretty fast, and police be setting up every now and then," he said.

People we talked to say they sympathize for the driver.

"He couldn't help it, you know? It's just an accident, he couldn't help it."

But Thorton says something you can help is speed.

There are flashing school zone signs to remind drivers of the speed limit during certain times. Thorton also saying he's seen crossing guards out after and before school.

Sadly, he said, this crash should be a reminder to be alert whenever children are involved.

"Just slow down, period," he said.

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