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Former owner of North Memphis house arrested after citations for attracting rats

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man was arrested in connection to code violations at a North Memphis home, including more than two dozen charges for “failure to maintain property” and harboring rats.

Court employees say a warrant was issued for the former homeowner, Larry Dorsey, because he skipped a court appearance for violations issued in 2016.

He was arrested and given a $50 bond.

Tucked between two abandoned houses on Springdale Street, the North Memphis home has had a slew of problems.

Ed Spears says he used to live in the house, and now owns it. When he was living there as a renter, the former homeowner was cited for having trash, garbage and other rubbish that attracted rats.

“They’ll come in if you don’t keep something down or keep some traps, they will come in,” Spears said.

Spears said he wants to help Dorsey and they’re paying off the court fees together. He said he’s now going to fix up the empty house as quickly as he can.

We went to Larry Dorsey’s current address in Bartlett but no one came to the door.

His neighbors told us they haven’t had any issues with him living there.

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