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Man dies after crashing car into concrete sign

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is dead after he crashed into a sign near the Southern College of Optometry in the medical district.

Police say the driver of a Toyota,  Jerry Jackson, lost control and slammed into a cement sign. He was killed on impact.

Business owners say the heard a loud boom but still couldn't believe their eyes. "The police had the place blocked off. The car hit The Southern College of Optometry sign so hard that pieces of the Camry ended up flying across the street," bystander Aaron Carrol Sr. said.

Carrol Sr. walks to get his son from an elementary school every afternoon, but he had to take a different route because the deadly crash shut Madison Avenue down.

"It was just a little longer, but I didn't want him walking by himself."

He says he doesn't know what happened, but he said a little prayer for whoever was behind the wheel. "My heart goes out to that family."

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