Woman finds eerie connection in Crittenden County triple homicide and mom’s death

EARLE, Ark. — It was 2006. The murder was the talk of the town. But nearly 13 years later the case is stone cold.

Although the case is now bring back troubling memories after a family of three was found dead inside of a Crittenden County home that caught fire.

"It brought up that my mother as done the same way. She was murdered in the same sense that these people were murdered. She was shot, and then they set her place on fire to cover up the evidence," Tanya Estes said.

What started as an accidental fire investigation turned into a homicide into Diane Fuller's death, which now looks eerily similar to Monday's case.

"It makes me wonder if there's any kind of connection. It may be something that's just mimicked, because my mom's case was exposed and the news was involved," Estes said. She's hopeful that after all of these years it could provide answers to her mother's murder. "It would help me to know why. I mean, there was no robbery. They took a person's life that didn't deserve to be taken for no reason. There's got to be some reason why they would want to do that to her, and I would like to know why."

Investigators haven't named any suspects and and they now consider Diane Fuller's murder a cold case.

"It's a complicated situation for me, because I will never get that closure. My mom's investigation was botched," Estes said.

We took her concerns to the Crittenden County Sheriff's Office and were told there were no additional comments at this time.

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