Woman believes dog was poisoned in Midtown yard

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Midtown woman says she thinks someone intentionally poisoned her dog after he showed seizure-like symptoms and almost died.

Eva Woywod and her family, including 3-year-old pup Bailey, have only lived in Memphis since December.

Right now Bailey is all smiles and full of energy, but just a few days ago, his owners didn't know if he would live.

"To watch what that poor thing went through was horrific," Woywod said.

Bailey was outside in their yard in the Glenview neighborhood when he started having convulsions and vomiting.

"I was just keeping an eye on him, making sure he was all right, and it got worse and worse and he got up and just could not walk," she said. "He was just a complete shaking mess stumbling around."

When the family took him to an emergency vet, they had no idea, time wasn't on their side.

"The vet said had we waited maybe a half an hour more, his brain would've fried."

Woywod told police she could tell someone had been on the property the day of the incident.

So after the ER visit, the family searched the backyard — and found bones the family didn't give their dogs.

When they received word from the vet, they knew what most likely happened. According to paperwork, the vet was concerned about exposure to rat poisons and or narcotics.

"He came back and told us that he thinks the dog was poisoned with a street narcotic," she said.

The discovery scares Bailey's owners, so they want to encourage other dog owners to be on the lookout. They say they never thought this would've happened to someone they call family.

"Just watch out, really, because it can happen," she said.

Woywod said it was difficult to come up with money for Bailey's medical bills so quickly, and she wants to help others who may experience something similar.

She is starting a fund called Bailey's Heart aimed to help others who may also need financial help in this situation, and she would like those in the community to reach out in hopes of finding a nonprofit in Memphis that could be an umbrella for this fund.

To help, contact baileysheartmemphis@gmail.com


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